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The Games YOU Want to See on The PlayStation Classic

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

xcom enemy unknown ps1

Ok, this is my choice and only because its one of those games that you can replay repeatedly. It ridiculously deep as you research, build and combat the late 90’s alien invasion of earth. I’d love to see it here just for the enhanced graphics and soundtrack that the PS1 version has over the much loved PC version and its depth means that the PS Classic won’t just end up gathering dust after you get bored it.

Bust A Move

bust a move ps1

We need a puzzle game on here don’t we really? Taito’s excellent bubble pop ‘em up (just made that up) is seriously addictive to play, even today. Two player mode just adds the icing on the cake too.


oddworld ps1

We can’t believe no one mentioned OddWorld as it was a huge series back in the PS1’s heyday. We take it you forgot all about this and this could be a great inclusion on the Playstation Classic to stoke those rose tinted fires wouldn’t it?

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