metal gear solid

The Games YOU Want to See on The PlayStation Classic

Metal Gear Solid

metal gear solid

The PS1 was the home of Konami’s hit franchise and help revive the stealth action game. Considering that Konami have added their games to Nintendo’s classic consoles here’s hoping that we’ll see this because for many of us when you think PS1 you think Metal Gear! Plus we want to hide in boxes again as its fun!

Tomb Raider

tombraider ps1

How mad did everyone go for Lara Croft and the Tombraider series in the 90’s? Well, pretty much mental to be honest. This game is up there with Ridge Racer and Wipeout in being apart of Playstation History. It has to be on this!

Destruction Derby

destruction derby ps1

Destruction Derby was an early release for the PlayStation but luckily it was brilliant fun to play with its crash physics being the biggest pull for everyone. Again it’s another classic that will be played by hardcore and casual retro fans.

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