metal gear solid

The Games YOU Want to See on The PlayStation Classic

Tony Hawks Pro Skater

tony hawks ps1

The original Tony Hawk’s ushered in the start of sport-based combo’s and make skateboarding cool again. This game is massively fun and who doesn’t want to revisit this again. Do you remember where all the secret tapes are?

Die Hard Trilogy

destruction derby ps1

Essentially three games in one. Die Hard Trilogy is a classic that deserves to be on the PlayStation Classic. Who doesn’t want to be John McClane again because we do!

Parrapa The Rapper

parrapa the rapper ps1

Rhythm action games were all the rage back in the late 90’s and early 00’s. The Playstation was home to loads including the DanceMania series and Beatmania with it peripherals and so on. However when it comes to humour and wackiness, Parrappa the Rapper is one you want to see!

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