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The Games YOU Want to See on The PlayStation Classic

With the announcement of the Playstation Classic we asked our readers what games they’d love to see on the miniature console. Sony have confirmed five games so far (at time of publishing this article) and these are Tekken 3, Final Fantasy 7, Wild Arms, Jumping Flash and Ridge Racer Type 4.

We think the PlayStation Classic will be a must for Christmas 2018 (it comes out on December 3rd) for 90’s nostalgia fans AKA our fellow Retroheadz and given its £89.99 retail price its not a bad price at all for it in our opinion and will be a welcome addition to hardcore collectors and casual gamers everywhere.

So, here’s our selection of the games you really want to see included on the Playstation Classic as well as a couple we’d want to see on it too. Is your game on here? Well, time to find out…

Ridge Racer

ridge racer ps1

It’s great news that Type 4 has been confirmed but the original really must be on here as this was a deciding factor for many of us back in the day to get a PS1 after pumping serious amount of Queens Head embossed nuggets into Namco’s arcade machine in arcades everywhere.


wipeout ps1

The after clubbing favourite help establish Sony’s wonder console in the UK. I think we’d all be massively surprised if this is not on this or the sequel WipeOut 2097.

Resident Evil

resident evil ps1

Capcom’s Zombie filled epic is a firm favourite amongst gamers. Damn scary in places (that dog that jumps through the window in was enough for me)

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