best sega saturn shmups

20 Sega Saturn Shmup Games That Showcased Its 32-Bit Power

Sega Ages Vol. 1 (1997)

afterburner saturn

Not only did Saturn owners get an arcade perfect version of Space Harrier, they also got Afterburner as well. For added awesomeness it also came with the legendary OutRun which is the best home conversion ever and thankfully it was released in the US and PAL regions as one collection rather than the standalone games in Japan.

Gunbird (1995)

gunbird saturn

A Psikyo arcade title blending fantasy and steampunk with character-driven gameplay. Gunbird didn’t see a western release however its sequel did make it on to systems like the Dreamcast.

Metal Black (1997)

A Taito game with atmospheric graphics and unique “beam duel” mechanics.

Steam-Heart’s (1996)

A horizontal shooter by GIGA with erotic visual novel elements, yep you read that right. Naturally this shooter is a Jap only release. If you want a saucy shooter for the Saturn this is it.

In The Hunt (1996)

in the hunt sega saturn 1996

This Irem shooter with its submarine based action was unique and pretty much arcade perfect. The team behind this went on to create the legendary Metal Slug game on the Neo Geo and its stunning graphics, premise and animation set this one out from the rest. This thankfully did have a release outside of Japan and both the US and PAL regions saw In The Hunt.

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