metal gear solid sega saturn

Is Metal Gear Solid Coming To The Sega Saturn? It looks like it

Metal Gear Solid, the Konami stealth ’em up that was a monster hit on the original PlayStation could be getting a fan made remake for the Sega Saturn.

Early videos show the game running on the Saturn, albeit at an early stage in development but does prove that the Saturn was fully capable of running Metal Gear Solid and convey its tense atmosphere.

So far the game being in prototype stage can only do some basics things and the AI is rudimentary however you can follow the progress on Frogbull’s Patreon page where updates seem to be quite frequent.

We bet you want to see Metal Gear Solid in action don’t you? Well here it is on the Saturn;

The Sega Saturn is a legend in the 2D graphics department but was somewhat overshadowed by the all conquering PlayStation when it came to 3D back in the 90s.

However for all those doubters that the Saturn couldn’t handle a game like this, if completed should change their minds and give Saturn owners one of the most highly praised games in its generation.

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