198X nintendo switch 80's style game

198X Homage To The 80’s Now Available On Nintendo Switch

198X is a new game that’s just come out on Nintendo Switch and is a huge homage to growing up in the 80’s.

The coming of age game melds key genres that 80’s kids loved to play in the arcades as the character you control seeks refuge in the local Suburban arcade which helps him with the inevitable transition from childhood to adult life.

From side scrolling beat ’em ups, OutRun style driving sections, side scrolling shoot ’em ups and RPG elements to tell the story of this beautiful looking game.

The pixel graphics have to be seen to be believed and luckily Nintendo have just posted a trailer for it to coincide with the launch.

As you can see the graphics and styling are a feast for the eyes with the pixel perfect cut scenes melding in with the game play itself.

The music includes music from none other than Streets of Rage composer Yuzo Koshiro has that Stranger Things Synthwave feel to it matching what can only be the angst of the protagonist feelings in the game.

For $9.99 in the US it looks like it will be a low cost must have for those who hark back to a more care free time and should hopefully have a similar price point in the UK.

198X is also available on PC and is also coming to PS4 with Xbox One.

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