10 Awesome Bouncy Techno Anthems You Need to Hear Again

Keep on bouncin'

Bouncy Techno (or Tartan Techno, Happy Gabba as some people called it) was an insanely popular form of techno that peaked in the mid 90’s.

It was fast furious and fun and was massive in Scotland and Holland and featured at all the big raves of the time alongside the more Breakbeat orientated Happy Hardcore of the time with the likes of legends such as Brisk, Scott Brown, Mark Smith, DJ Druid and Bass Generator and others slamming out the slabs of techno goodness where you either heard it there at the rave or played repeatedly on one of their tape packs.

Bouncy Techno, we think is a purer form of music, its takes no prisoners and does exactly what it says on the tin, it makes you bounce and puts a huge smile on your face as well! No pretentiousness here or 10 minute breakdowns, its just music to party hard to, just how it should be!

So we thought, we gotta celebrate this musical mayhem and let the world know about it and maybe remind a few of our readers why Bouncy Techno is still awesome and deserves to bombard your eardrums once more and perhaps after this root through your old vinyls for a fresh mix-up.

Here’s our selection of the tracks that got us moving in the 90’s (and today still!). If we missed one you know what to do, add it to the comments below!

10. Scott Brown Versus Rab S – Now Is The Time (1995)

We’ll start off with on you’ll all know. Now Is The Time is the Bouncy Techno anthem that got bashed out repeatedly in ’95 and rightly so its a classic and a half with its driving kick drum, memorable riffs and samples that add to the vibe.

9. Ultimate Bass – Check Da Bass (Scott Brown Remix) – 1994

Another awesome track remixed by Scott Brown (you’re going see a lot more of his stuff here). This track has sooooo much energy, its infectious and still sounds fresh today!

8. Diss Reaction – Jiieehaaaa (1995)

Starts of mellow and then takes you on a journey of utter madness. This Dutch anthem is one that will make you move, even today. In fact I bet your tapping your feet to it right now!

7. DJ Isaac – The Hardway

This Babyboom records classic by DJ Isaac is hard and fun, just what you want on the dancefloor when your ‘avin it!

6. The Scotchman – Happy Vibes (1994)

Hard and fast with a prominent snare on the offbeat, this is an anthem and a half and of course comes from the legend that is Scott Brown on the Dutch BabyBoom label. The production on this track is fantastic.

5. Q-TEX – E-Creation (1995 Mix)

Another Evolution Records anthem. E-Creation came out in ’94 but its the faster ’95 version that we love here at Retroheadz HQ. One of the best riffs ever interspersed with cheeky horns to keep you on your toes. Bangin!

4. Water Pistol – Squirt (1994)

Slightly mellow and and fun all the way through, Squirt is a tune to build yourself up with most definitely with a riff you’ll be humming all day long.

3. DJ Paul Elstak – Boom Boom (Whoo) – (1995)

Dutch master Paul Elstak cemented himself as the true master of Hardcore in the Netherlands and rightly so. This bouncy track is not even the main event on the EP its on (that’s Luv U More, another classic!) but this tune is driving, bouncy and fun and our wildcard to throw at you in this article!

2. Bass Reaction – Technophobia (1994)

Power to the people! What a track and we can’t believe its 24 years old! Where has time gone, oh well, listen and reminisce to this classic anthem on the Shoop label.

1. Scott Brown – Do What Ya Like! (1995)

How big an anthem is ‘Do what Ya Like!’? Well how about 30,000 people big! What do we mean? This was the anthem for Rezerection a huge rave up in Scotland. This track is a work of art, beautiful uplifting high pitched lyrics, pianos, marching snares and a driving stab that get you moving and more importantly wishing you had access to a time machine to go back and hear it for the first time.

Your thoughts?

So there you have it 10 anthems to kick start your love for Bouncy Techno again. Which anthems have we missed and should the sound have a major revival? Do you have any memories you want to share with your fellow Retroheadz?

Let us know in the comments and you never your Anthems could also be in part 2!

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