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15 Extreme Roller Coasters Europe Has To Offer For Thrill Seekers

Shambhala – PortAventura (Spain)

This B & M Hyper-coaster is silky smooth and packs a substantial amount of airtime. 

The roller coasters 256ft first drop propels you toward a top speed of 83mph and straight into the first large airtime hill, Shambhala also features a stunning splash down section.

Opened in 2012 Shambhala held records for the tallest, the fastest and longest drop on a hyper-coaster in Europe, these records were held until the opening of Hyperion at Energylandia. 

Shambhala is hailed by all who ride as one of the best hyper-coasters in not only Europe but the world, it’s the sheer amount of airtime and smoothness of the ride which set it apart from the rest. 

Zadra – Energylandia (Poland)

At 206ft high, Zadra holds the record for tallest hybrid coaster in the world jointly with Iron Gwazi at Bush gardens Tamp Bay. 

Opening in August 2019 Zadra comes with 3 inversions, one being a huge Zero-G Stall underneath the first drop.

Before its opening a heavy storm in March 2019 caused parts of the under construction coaster to collapse, so for the ride to open that same year and months ahead of schedule is a truly remarkable feat.

Zadra is not known for it’s airtime, instead it is the sheer intensity and speed (75mph) that make it stand out from anything else that Europe has to offer.    

Your Experiences?

Which of these extreme European roller coasters have you been on? What was it like? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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