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15 Extreme Roller Coasters Europe Has To Offer For Thrill Seekers

Helix – Liseberg (Sweden)

The second offering from Liseberg in this countdown is the stunning Helix, a Mack Rides multi-launch coaster built onto the side of a hill. 

Helix features two launches and a top speed of 62mph, and a height of 41m (135ft).

Opened in 2014 this seven inversion coaster reaches G-Forces of up to 4.3 and will have you hanging on from the first launch to the final break run, 

Hyperion – Energylandia (Poland)

This Intamin Mega Coaster opened in 2018 stands at 77m (253ft), hitting a max speed of 88mph.

The first drop which is a cool 82m (269ft) is taken at a stomach churning 85 degree angle.

The rides theme is set on fictional mission to Saturn’s moon Hyperion and the ride station really provides guests with an immersive experience.

Hyperion features a single inversion which is situated on the turn around section as the train gets set to tackle the second half of the course. 

Untamed – Walibi (Holland)

Untamed is a wood/steel hybrid roller coaster which replaced the all wood Robin Hood at Walibi in 2019, the ride was constructed by American company RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction). 

For a relatively small coaster Untamed certainly does not disappoint, from its 4 inversions to the 57mph top speed its rides at a relentless pace barely stopping for breath.

Untamed features a Step-Up Under Flip which is completely unique element to any coaster in Europe and is the only roller coaster in the world to feature a double inverting stall. 

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