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15 Extreme Roller Coasters Europe Has To Offer For Thrill Seekers

Valkyria – Liseberg (Sweden)

Think Oblivion at Alton Towers and then some… Valkyria really packs a punch. 

A dive coaster manufactured by B & M, Valkyria has a 1st drop of 164ft and reaches speeds in excess of 65mph.

The ride also features 3 inversions which all come after the initial dive.

Themed upon a Valkyrie, a winged creature from Norse mythology whose task was to carry fallen warriors to the afterlife. 

Lech Coaster – Legendia (Poland)

Opened in July 2017 Lech Coaster is the standout attraction at Legendia.

Manufactured by Vekoma, this coaster has a 40m height and top speed of 59mph.


Themed around the legend of the Lech, the first duke of Poland the ride includes 4 inversions and an impressive castle which acts as the ride station and a gift shop.

On its opening day it boasted the record of the tallest roller coaster in Poland. 

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