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15 Epic Roller Coaster Rides That Are Only Found In The USA

When you think of America roller coaster filled theme parks, most people’s first thoughts are Disney and Universal. 

Whilst these parks are right up there in terms of what they have to offer, for thrill seekers there is a whole other side to the good old U,S of A that is waiting to be discovered. 

America boasts some of, if not the best roller coasters the world has to offer, whether its pure speed, height or inversions you are after, Uncle Sam has you covered.

Roller Coaster Runner Ups 

Before we look at the 15 standout coasters, there are of course a few that did not quite make the cut.

By no means are these not world class attractions, it’s just that the USA happens to be a hot bed for extreme thrills. 

  • Top thrill Dragster – Cedar Point
  • Diamondback – Kings Island
  • Mystic Timbers – Kings Island
  • Wicked Cyclone – Six Flags New England
  • Iron Rattler – Six Flags Fiesta Texas
  • Storm Chaser – Kentucky Kingdom

With the notable mentions sorted, let’s dive in and check out the main event. 

Time Traveler – Silver Dollar City

Standing tall at 100ft and reaches speeds of up to 50mph don’t be fooled into thinking Time Traveler lacks the intense thrills you may be after.

Manufactured by Mack Rides, this extreme spinning coaster boasts 3 inversions and a 90 degree first drop.

Due to the mountainous terrain of this coasters location it has no need for a lift hill, thrill seekers are taken from the ride station straight into a 90ft vertical drop, you don’t say that everyday. 

Superman – Six Flags New England 

This Intamin mega coaster opened in 2000 as Superman ride of steel and sends guests hurtling down a 221ft drop at speeds of up to 77mph. 

Superman does not feature a single inversion but instead opting to utilise an abundance of bunny hills and some awesome head chopper moments to keep you on the edge of your seat and screaming for more. 

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