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15 Extreme Roller Coasters Europe Has To Offer For Thrill Seekers

Expedition GeForce – Holiday Park (Germany)

Standing at 174ft and with a 1st drop of 168ft Expedition GeForce travels through it’s 1220m track and reaches a top speed of 74.6mph. 

Opened in 2001 Expedition GeForce does not feature a single inversion however this is no problem for thrill seekers due to the abundance of airtime hills and turns. 

Goliath – Walibi (Holland)

Up until 2019 Goliath was the signature ride at Walibi Holland.

After the 151ft first drop taken at a cool 66mph the ride features an airtime hill followed by a downward helix, with a reputation of being seriously intense and not for the faint of heart.

The rest of the ride is a series of airtime hills as the train makes its way back to the station ready for another go round if you are brave enough!

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