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15 Extreme Roller Coasters Europe Has To Offer For Thrill Seekers

Wildfire – Kolmarden (Sweden)

With 12 airtime hills and 3 inversions Wildfire would not look out of place at any theme park in the world, so it may come as a surprise that Kolmarden is Scandinavia’s largest Zoo and has only one other roller coaster in it’s arsenal. 

Upon opening day in 2016 Wildfire was Europes first RMC, this terrain hugging coaster makes the most of it’s surroundings and has had rave reviews from all that have braved it.

With a 71mph top speed and 160ft drop, Wildfire offers everything that a truly world class coaster should. 

Der Schwur Des Karnan (Hansa Park) Germany

This coaster is absolutely insane…! 240ft high, 220ft first drop taken at 90 degrees and 79mph seems pretty familiar for a hyper-coaster, think again.

The first drop is taken from inside a giant tower after a climb up a vertical lift hill which includes a reverse free fall section just in case you weren’t already scared enough.

Manufactured by Gerstlauer, Karnan dominates the parks skyline with it’s green mass of twisted track. 

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