The Hilarious Actor Cameos In 90’s Sitcom Friends

Hugh Laurie – The Gentleman on the Plane

Hugh Laurie is the unlucky chap that ends up sitting next to Rachel on a flight in ‘The One With Ross’s Wedding Part 2’. After realizing that she is still in love with Ross, Rachel boards a plane to London to tell how she feels before he marries Emily.

On the flight she ends up pouring her heart out to the gentleman next to her, who after being bored to death with her ramblings, tells her exactly what he thinks.


Freddy Prinze Jr – Sandy

In ‘The One With the Male Nanny’ Ross and Rachel are looking to hire someone to look after their daughter Emma. The job ends up going to Sandy the male flute playing nanny, who eventually gets fired by Ross for being too soft.


Gary Oldman – Richard Crosby

Finally, fans got to see one of their favorite couples tie the knot in ‘The One with Monica and Chandler’s wedding’.

Gary Oldman plays actor Richard Crosby who is shooting a film with Joey. Not only does the guy spit when he says his lines, he shows up drunk for work one day which almost makes Joey miss his best Friends wedding.


Tom Conti – Steven Waltham

Steven Waltham is Emily’s father in ‘The One with Ross’s wedding’ who kicks up a storm when the Gellar’s suggest that some of the expenses for their son’s wedding are a bit extortionate and end up getting into an argument with Ross’s new father in law to be. One of his best lines in the episode is when he walks away from Ross muttering ‘I could kill you with my Thumb’


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