The Hilarious Actor Cameos In 90’s Sitcom Friends

Charlie Sheen – Ryan

Charlie Sheen plays Navy guy Ryan in ‘The One with the Chicken Pox’. He is an old flame of Phoebe’s who arrives in town on leave from the Navy. The poor guys ends up catching the Chicken Pox from Phoebe who caught them from Ross’s son Ben, and the pair end up tapped up with oven gloves so stop them scratching themselves and each other.


Jeff Goldblum – Leonard Hayes

In ‘The One with the Mugging’ Joey is delighted when he gets an audition for a play that is directed by Leonard Hayes (Goldblum) who is also the lead in the play. After Joey gives a jumpy audition (due to the fact he needs to pee) and an impressed Leonard gives Joey the part, which he ends up living to regret, when joey accidentally wees on him.jeff_goldblum

David Arquette – Malcolm

David Arquette plays stalker Malcolm in ‘The One with all the Jam’. Mistaking Phoebe for her twin sister Ursula who has a restraining order on him, he follows Phoebe around. Feeling sorry for the guy after confronting him the two try to date until Phoebe decides to stalk Malcolm to see if he is still seeing Ursula.


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