The Hilarious Actor Cameos In 90’s Sitcom Friends


During the 90’s Joey, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler and Phoebe entered our life’s and we were all the better for it!

Countless hours watching episode after episode, the ‘we were on a break’ saga or the ‘One in London’ when Monica and Chandler hooked up. Not only did we become fans of the show but so did a number of celebrities, who were hoping to be asked to do a guest stop on the program, and there have certainly been a few.

Brad Pitt – Will Colbert

Brad Pitt played Will Colbert in “The One with the Rumor.” Ross brings his old school friend Will to Monica’s Thanksgiving dinner. Like Monica, Will used to be the fat bullied kid at school, however, he is now lean and extremely handsome. There is one friend Will is not very keen on, though, enter Rachel. Will hates Rachel and throughout the episode, this becomes apparent when Will confesses that he and Ross started up the ‘I Hate Rachel Green Club’ during Highschool.


Jean Claude Van Damme – Himself

Rachel and Monica bump into the man himself Van Damme on the set of a movie his is starring in, in ‘The One After the Superbowl’. The two girls try to compete for his affection however they soon dump him when he asks them both for a threesome with actress Drew Barrymore.



George Clooney & Noah Wyle – The Doctors

After switching their identities so that Rachel can use Monica’s health insurance in ‘The One With Two Parts’ the friends meet dishy young doctors, Dr. Michael Mitchell and Dr. Jeffery Rosen. However trying to keep up the lie proves too much when they invite the Doctors round for drinks.


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