The Hilarious Actor Cameos In 90’s Sitcom Friends

Robin Williams & Billy Crystal – Thomas & Tim

Robin Williams & Billy Crystal made their guest appearance on the sofa in the coffee shop, in ‘The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion’. Best friends Thomas and Tim are having a heart to heart because Thomas seems to think that his wife is cheating on him with her Gynecologist. Their whole conversation is overheard by the Friends who are also sitting on the sofa.


Alec Baldwin – Parker

It’s Judy and Jack Geller’s 35th Wedding Anniversary in ‘The One in Massapequa’ and Phoebe has managed to bag herself a new date for the celebrations. Parker is the overly enthusiastic guy that likes to make a big fuss about everything.


Sean Penn – Eric

In ‘The One with the Halloween Party’ Monica and Chandler hold a fancy dress party at their apartment. Phoebe invites her twin sister Ursuala and her new fiance, Eric. Phoebe has to put poor Eric straight after finding out about a number of lies that her deceitful twin has told the loved up guy.


Dermot Mulroney – Gavin Mitchell

After becoming a mum to baby Emma, Rachel and Ross take her into Rachel’s work to show her off in ‘The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work’. Rachel is unsettled when she meets Gavin the guy that is going to be covering for her whilst she is on maternity leave. Convinced that Gavin is trying to steal her job she decides to go back to work early.


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