The 90’s Horror Movies We All Queued up to Watch

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

These days the concept of a found-footage horror is clichéd and done to death.

Back in 1999, it was practically unheard of.

Yes, you had Cannibal Holocaust but mainstream audiences weren’t ready for this.

The Blair Witch project left audiences shaken, not just because of the motion sickness many of us got from the wobbly camcorder footage.

It was ultra-realistic and genuinely chilling.

Being lost in the woods in the dark is scary enough but when something evil and unseen is hunting you and throwing you off track it’s next level.

We aren’t too big to admit that we left the cinema jumpy and honestly struggled to turn the lights off that night.

Some of us went to midnight screenings that happened to be in cinemas next to parks full of trees which wasn’t a great move either to be fair.

Feeling Nostalgic?

So that’s our list, we hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane and got some inspiration. We know there were plenty of great Horror movies released in the 90’s so tell us your favourites in the comments.

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