The 90’s Horror Movies We All Queued up to Watch

Scream (1996)

All-star cast? Check!

Start of a huge franchise? Check!

A franchise of spoofs? Check!

Still one of the most popular Halloween outfits? Check!

Scream needs little introduction as it’s one of the most popular Horror movies of all time.

When it came out in 1996 people just went mad for it and who can blame them.

This is prime time horror at its best. It isn’t challenging, gory or chilling it’s fun, gripping and well-made and that’s the type of horror that sells big at the box office.

Add to that an all-star cast and you have a winner.

Scream starred Neve Campbell (Wild Things, The Craft), Courtney Cox (Friends, Cougar Town), David Arquette (Eight Legged Freaks, Never Been Kissed), Drew Barrymore (Ever After, 50 First Dates), Rose McGowan (Charmed, Planet Terror), Matthew Lillard (Scooby Doo, Without a Paddle) and Skeet Ulrich (The Craft, Into the West).

Scream was an international phenomenon that changed the face of horror forever.

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