the garfield movie 2024

Garfield: The Lasagne Loving Cat From Your Childhood is Back

Garfield, the lazy, Monday hating cat was massive in the 80s with cartoons, comics and his face on merch of all kinds is coming back to the big screen.

The new animated Garfield movie is out in 2024 and reveals how he got adopted by Jon Arbuckle and goes on an adventure with Odie the dog with his father who is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson.

Chris Pratt is the voice of Garfield and looks set to be a great family movie. You can judge for yourself with the new trailer that’s just been released.

Garfield has come a long way since it first was published in 1976 in local newspapers and you’d be right in thinking its been a while since you last saw the cat and his hijinks as the last movie came out way back in 2006.

When is The Garfield Movie out?

The Garfield Movie is out on the 24th May 2024 which probably times well with half term so that you can take your kids to see it and enjoy it just as much as you probably did back in the day.

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