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Borderlands Drops The TNT With an Explosive New Live-Action Trailer

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For those unfamiliar, Borderlands is a tale of a small group of adventurers known as vault hunters, setting out in the gritty and wild wastelands of Pandora, a planet comprised of obnoxiously mutated wildlife, psycho bandits, outlaws and crazy people, in search of the tombs of alien predecessors, for glory, riches and the legendary reputation. All against the interests of militarized corporations.

It’s all Gone A Bit Mad (Max)

At it’s heart, its an edgy western-like, with little sprinkles of mad max here and there, but don’t be mistaken by the seriousness, because Borderlands Pandora is a world where gunslingers and psychopaths team up with femme fatales with superpowers and little girls with endless, insatiable appetites for murder and destruction.

Borderlands is one of the founders of the looter-shooter genre in the gaming industry, it pioneered in making a genre that was previously very niche, very mainstream and with it’s iconic cel-shaded art design and memorable characters, it has become an extremely recognizable staple in the world of gaming with the recent games featuring literally billions of guns, guns and more guns and plenty of captivating villains to murder with them.

Borderlands: From Pixels to Pictures

Borderlands now has it’s own live action adaptation coming soon to cinema, following the recent industry trends to expand these worlds outside of their respective games, a new trailer dropped today so let’s see if it’s any good.

When Does The Borderlands Movie Come Out?

Borderlands is out on worldwide release on the 9th August 2024 movie and stars Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Jamie Lee Curtis, the film definitely has a recognizable cast but can this stellar cast make it a hit? Time will tell for sure.

Whether it will walk home with the Eridium in the box office or starve in the wastes of Pandora is to be determined, we are excited for the vaults to open for this fun and wacky live-action throwback to the more than worthwhile videogame franchise it’s based on.

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