batmobile 1989

10 Awesome Movie Vehicles From The 80’s

Ecto-1 (Ghostbusters, 1984)

ecto 1 greatest 80s movie cars

Can you get anymore iconic and 80’s then Ecto-1?

The giant hearse that transported the Ghostbusters has starred in all the Ghostbuster movies including the 2016 reboot and the upcoming 2020 movie and rightly so its a classic.

M577 Armored Personnel Carrier (Aliens, 1986)

aliens apc

When your up against Xenomorphs and your squad of Colonial Marines need to get away fast then only the M577 is up to the task.

This super cool looking APC is a world away from your standard M113 that were about at the time.

It looks the part too, being all futuristic, mean and heavy looking yet also sleek, fast and armed to the teeth. It’s only weakness seems to be the transmission but then again if you were running over acid for blood Aliens any metal based vehicle would probably suffer a similar fate.

Either way its one of the coolest vehicles ever.

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