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10 Awesome Movie Vehicles From The 80’s


Lamborghini Countach (Cannonball Run, 1981)

cannonball run countach 80s movie cars

The dream car of the 80’s that was hanging on pretty much every kids bedroom wall was given a huge boost thanks to the intro of Cannonball Run and whats not to love about it.

Two beautiful women driving the most desirable car at the time and outwitting the highway patrol at every turn set the stage for a massively fun movie with a huge cast of stars.

The Countach was also the star of both Cannonball Run 2 (1983) and Cannonball Fever (1989).

Armed SUV (Tango and Cash, 1989)

tango and cash

This cool looking SUV looks kind of like a Mitsubishi Space Cruiser which you would have seen on the school run back in the 90’s crossed with the giant radiation proof RV in 70’s Sci-Fi classic Damnation Alley.

It’s actually a heavily modified Chevrolet Silverado pick up truck with a cab added on , pumped up suspension, chunky tires and a gattling gun bolted on to the side.

It still looks cool today and who wouldn’t want one of these for the schoolrun eh?


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