batmobile 1989

10 Awesome Movie Vehicles From The 80’s

Dodge M4S Turbo Interceptor (The Wraith, 1986)

the wraith 1986 80s movie cars

Now this car looks cool and very futuristic, almost 90’s levels of curves to be honest and when it goes up against the cars in the movie like the old Corvettes it definitely looks faster and very much meaner.

The invincible car is crazy fast and goes on to take out all the bad guys in the movie.

It’s a bit of a cult classic and well worth a watch and stars Charlie Sheen and Randy Quaid.

Black Moon (Black Moon Rising, 1986)

black moon cool 80s movie cars

The 80’s was all about the wedge shape for cars, think Ferrari Testarossa, Lotus Esprit and so on.

However, Tommy Lee Jones car (which is stolen) in Black Moon Rising takes it to the extreme.

The crazy hi-tech Black Moon prototype car looks insane and runs on tap water and has a top speed of 325 MPH in the movie.

It’s also pretty good at jumping between buildings and has pretty sharp brakes too.

In real life the car is a one off called the Wingho Concordia 2 which was made in 1980 in Canada.

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