batmobile 1989

10 Awesome Movie Vehicles From The 80’s


Batmobile (Batman, 1989)

batmobile 1989

Based around a Corvette this iconic version of Batman’s ride is without doubt one of the best versions of the Batmobile ever conceived.

It just looks the part with its sleek front wrapped around a turbine and its bat wing flairs at the back which hide its rocket exhaust.

The Batmobile definitely helped contribute to the hype this film had and if you were around in 1989 and got sucked into Batmania (Come on, who didn’t?) then we bet this car had something to do with it.

Deloreon (Back To The Future 2, 1989)

back to the future 2 deloreon

Yes the Deloreon in the 1985 original is cool but not quite as awesome as the fusion powered hover version in the 1989 sequel.

On the ground its a slightly upgraded version of the original but once its up in the air.

Special mention should also go to Griff’s hover car which is a cool looking BMW 325i Convertible with one cool two tone paint job.


However as iconic 80’s movie cars and vehicles go nothing beats the Deloreon from Back To The Future does it?

What’s your favourite vehicle from 80’s movies? Let us know in the comments below.

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