The 80’s Sports Cars Every Kid Dreamed of Owning

When I grow up I'm going to have....

Here’s the definitive roundup of iconic and exotic 80’s cars that we all dreamed of having one day. Everyone had at least one of these cars on their wall. Get ready for a whole load of nice! Let’s begin with…


Porsche 911 Turbo

Wide wheel arches, sumptuous curves and a honking great spoiler on the back of it along with that 80’s favorite ‘Turbo’ lumped on to the end guaranteed that this German exotic made it on to walls. Best colour? Guards Red which was also a must have for the growing Yuppie class along with their Filofax’s.


Chevrolet Corvette

This V8 monster had a proper redesign with the C4 version after a long run with the C3. A fantastic looking car overall with its round Ferrari style rounded rear lights, pop-up headlights, four exhausts and its rarity over this side of the Atlantic means it made it onto bedroom walls everywhere.


Porsche 928

The next Porches to make it on to walls everywhere is the Porsche 928 which was officially their flagship car. Made famous as Wyatt’s car in Weird Science. For gamers, it was also the star car in Chase H.Q in the arcades as well as one sadly getting crushed by a Monster Truck in Cannonball Run 2. It also made an appearance in Scarface, however, it’s doubtful you knew this at the time unless you sneaked a watch.


Lotus Turbo Esprit

A British exotic made famous by James Bond. Low, wedge-shaped, double pop-up headlights and later on made even more desired thanks to games like Lotus Turbo Challenge on the Commodore Amiga. It was also the star car in Pretty Woman with the S2 model that first came out in 1987.


Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS

The first Ferrari on the list, the Ferrari 308 GTB or GTS was an 80’s classic. It actually came out in 1976 but made it way on to walls throughout the 80’s thanks to appearances in Cannonball Run (1 & 2) and was, of course, Tom Sellick’s vehicle of choice in Magnum P.I. This mid-engine exotic had a fantastic presence with its air intakes, pop-up headlights and round lights and quad exhausts. Best colour, Red or course!


Pontiac Trans-Am

Thanks to David Hasslehoff and his sidekick K.I.T the Trans-Am made it onto walls up and down the land. This car was futuristic and was best seen in Black because everyone wanted to be KnightRider didn’t they?


Porsche 959

Another Porsche on the round-up, yep! 4 wheel drive, 197 mph top speed and 0-60 in under 4 seconds made this a must have. It also looked so far ahead of its time too. Best colour? Silver. It was the fastest road car in the world during the 80’s until….


Ferrari F40

Oh boy! Just…look…at…it! The Ferrari F40 was the first production car to make it over 200 MPH (201 to be precise) It’s huge spoiler, three exhausts, and its extreme performance made it onto walls after it came out in 1987!


Ferrari Testarossa

There are so many reasons why the Ferrari Testarossa makes it here. It’s one of the most Iconic and exotic cars of the 80’s and rightfully so.

It’s wedge shape and iconic side strake intakes feeding air into the radiators along with its double pop-up lights featured in iconic series Miami Vice and arcade favorite OutRun as well as just being one of the nicest looking cars ever made. Best colour… Red for the purists or White if you were a Miami Vice fan.


Lamborghini Countach

Our final car and quite possibly the best-looking car of the 80’s. the Lamborghini Countach. Wedge-shaped, crazy air intakes, the wheels, and that iconic rear spoiler means this car was most probably the bedroom wall poster choice of everyone and the dream car of the 80’s.

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