new kids turbo movie

6 Epic Movies All Ravers HAVE to Watch

New Kids Turbo (2010)

This Dutch movie is not easy to get hold of in the UK so you’ll need to import it.

If you’re a happy hardcore raver then you are going to love it.

New Kids Turbo follows a group of mullets haired, moustachioed, shell suit wearing stuck in the mid 90’s Gabbers who save their town from the Government.

New Kids Turbo is hilarious from start to finish and the best way to describe it is like what would happen if you crossed Hot Fuzz with Happy Hardcore.

It rude, crude and totally politically incorrect and yes its in Dutch but subtitles are there and it has music from Paul Elstak and Scooter among many.

Here’s the trailer for it which is possibly NSFW.

On a side note the sequel New Kids Nitro has more of the same except with Zombies and you can think of that one as when Shaun of the Dead mixed with Gabber and Eurodance.

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