Perfect 10: Eurodance – The Ultimate Sound of The 90s

Eurodance was absolutely huge in the early to mid-90’s and epitomised the inclusive and celebratory feeling that the youth across Europe and even as far afield as Latin America and Canada had, after all the wall had come down only a few years before and it was time to party, together.

Eurodance’s legacy is one that shows that boundaries could be broken down by the medium of pacey, melodic music with positive raps and epic female vocal choruses about love and freedom all naturally accompanied by Pop sounding drums and that classic Eurodance rolling bassline. What more could you want?

This was the music you heard on holiday or at school discos, roller discos and nightclubs or was on was blaring out of the speakers on the Waltzers at the local travelling fair in mid-summer everywhere across the UK and will stay with you forever as they captured that moment in your life.

From big acts like 2 Unlimited to obscure one hit wonders, Eurodance is a wonderfully fun yet often misunderstood moment in 90’s history that can trace it routes back to Italian Disco and Hi-NRG and borrowed elements from rave and Techno music and a veritable smorgasbord of other musical genres including Reggae and Hip Hop.

Let us take you on a musical journey of continental proportions and if you like what you see, go on a YouTube journey and see what else you can find or a create playlist on your favourite music streaming services.

There’s hundreds, if not thousands of tracks that were pumped out during the peak years of ’93-’96.

Right, so, let’s begin the nostalgia for those that love this genre and for some of you the beginning of your Eurodance journey!

Here’s 10 classics to get your started!

Mo-Do – Einz Zwei Polizei

You might not have heard of this song unless you were watching MTV European top 20 in 1993 then you would know this humongous Euro hit from Mo-Do.

Einz Zwei Polizei was number one for donkeys years, it’s insanely catchy and the lyrics are so euro it’s epic.

The legacy of this song means that it’s been remixed across so many genres from House to Frenchcore, this song means a lot to so many people across Europe and beyond to be fair.

The follow up hit Super Gut is equally brilliant in my opinion.

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