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The Cool Cars From 80’s TV Shows That We All Wanted To Drive

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Ahhh the 80’s. A decade of action, decadence and seriously iconic 80s TV cars.

Retroheadz have rounded-up some of the coolest TV cars of the 80’s that were beamed through the airwaves to our fuzzy TV screens will definitely invoke some awesome memories so let’s start our engines and get nostalgic!

Magnum P.I’s Ferrari 308 GTS

magnum pi

Wow, private investigators got paid well in the 80’s and you;d have thought that driving around in a Ferrari 308 GTS would stand out from such a clandestine occupation. Oh well, it was nice to see Tom Selleck’s 308 grace our screens.

The car had a to be a GTS because Tom Selleck is so tall he wouldn’t have been able to fit into the GTB version.

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