commodore 64 demo

Commodore 64 Demoscene Still Flourishing With Stunning New Demo

The Commodore 64 might be over 40 years old now and for many of you reading it’s but a distant, happy memory of your youth.

Well for some its still an active part of their lives and alongside lots of homebrew games being made for the beige breadbin there is also an active demoscene still going where every last ounce of power is squeezed out of the ancient tech.

What’s The Demoscene?

From our understanding, the demoscene is basically where programmers come together to test the limits of what is possible from the machine its on and also a way to show off their skills in programming. It can be quite competitive and the end result is for us to see and be amazed by what amazing things the machine its done on can be made to do.

The ‘demos’ themselves are just that, demonstrations of the skill in programming and design (visually and sonically) and how far the machine can be pushed with all its limitations.

You might remember back in the day when you got a pirated or cracked copy of a game before the game loaded you were treated to a message from the crackers along with some cheats like unlimited lives. Well these were in themselves demos as they had bouncing text and other graphical trickery, however the demo you will see is beyond this by quite a margin.

No Limits

One of the latest demos that came out this month and its a sight to behold and pushes the C64 to its limits, although who knows what the next one will look like, for now be amazed with this one called Wonderland 14 by Censor Design.

It’s so retro and futuristic at the same time don’t you think?

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