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A Brand New Full Size Commodore 64 Is Coming Out Called TheC64

Remember tapping programs into your trusty old Commodore ‘breadbin’ and hoping that the thing you typed in actually worked?

Well guess what? You’ll soon be able to recreate those glory days once more as a brand new full sized Commodore 64 is coming out after smashing through its Indiegogo target its now going to be available to everyone.

What Comes With TheC64?

TheC64 comes pre-loaded with 64 games (fitting huh?) so you can play with it straight out of the box and the games are showcased on the system a bit like how you would see on the Mega Drive Mini and SNES classic.

Pre-loaded games include California Games, Monty on the Run and Chips Challenge among the many games listed on the Retro Games website although we wish it had classics like Beach Head and Wizball as well.

Easy Connection

Luckily its not 1982 still so it comes with an HDMI port so no faffing about with RF leads and twiddling the back of the telly to tune it in anymore either if you remember that nightmare?

On top of this it has a USB port that enables users to add more games and programs to the iconic 80’s home computer and not only that it has a VIC-20 mode too and to help it look less blocky on modern TV’s it also has a CRT TV filter as well.

TheC64 also comes with a classic bug looking joystick and all the leads you need to connect it up and get cracking on it.

They’ve even made a snazzy retro VHS styled promo video for it. Wanna see it?

Get ready for over a minute of pure fuzzy screened nostalgia!

When Is TheC64 Out?

Well, TheC64 already listed on Amazon but its not available yet although it is set to come out in December 2019. It’s also listed for pre-order at Game in the UK for £109.99.

It’s also available in lots of other European countries and as far away as Australia. No news on a US release yet though for our American readers we’re afraid.

What do you think of TheC64? Let us know in the comments below and whilst you’re there tell us what is you all time favourite Commodore 64 game that you’d love to play again.

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