best neo geo games for non fighting fans

The Best Neo Geo Games to Play for Non-Fighting Fans

Shock Troopers: Second Assault

shock trooper 2nd squad neo geo

If you’re a fan of Capcom’s Mercs then this isometric shooter is one for you.

It came out after the Neo Geo’s heyday so you might have missed seeing this.

It had multiple routes to take and you could use vehicles just like with Mercs.

It’s fun in a pure arcade action kind of way.

Its not cheap to buy on the Neo Geo naturally but it did come on Neo Geo Arcade Classics Vol 1 which you can pick up for a lot less if you have a PS2 or still have a Wii.

Metal Slug

metal slug neo geo

Metal Slug is probably one you’ve played before as it’s come out on pretty much every system since the Neo Geo and it is one of the best-looking games ever made for the system.

Everything in Metal Slug is hand drawn and animated and it shows from the fluid animation of your main character to the luscious backdrops the game take place in.

You also get to drive a tank, the Metal Slug which is great fun. The attention to detail in this game is incredible.

The action is insane throughout this run and gun game and the bosses are, well to put it mildly, massive.

In fact, everything is huge about this game including the price tag for an original AES version where buyers can expect to pay £1500+ for a copy when it comes up on Ebay.

Metal Slug fortunately is available to buy for not a lot on current systems but if we were to suggest one it would have to be the Nintendo Switch as you can play it on the go.

Which Neo Geo games do you still love to play?

There you have it, if you are a fan of the Neo Geo or have deep pockets and an urge to splurge on the system and want to start collecting games for it then these are a great start to having a varied library of games to play on the Neo Geo.

What games did you love on the system that you still love to play today?

Let us know in the comments below as we’d love to know and why it should be included in our list.

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