best neo geo games for non fighting fans

The Best Neo Geo Games to Play for Non-Fighting Fans

Super Sidekicks Soccer 2

super sidekicks soccer 2 neo geo

What? The Neo Geo had footie games?

Yes, indeed and Super Sidekicks 2 took the original and added more to it.

From the lush cut scenes when you score a goal to being bigger overall coming in at 106 Mbits in size.

Its arcade football at its best, the ref is pretty blind and scoring a goal is never that easy but when played in two player mode its great fun.

It’s also a worthy investment as you’d be hard pushed to pick this up for less than £100 today.


spinmasters neo geo

SpinMasters was released in 1993 and came from Data East.

The premise is your girlfriend has been kidnapped and you’ve got to go rescue her which is standard fare but it’s all about the journey and SpinMasters gives you one.

SpinMasters is incredibly bright, colourful and looks amazing, even today which is testament to the power of the Neo Geo hardware.

The levels are fun and some of the bosses are quite epic and its always good to use a YoYo as a weapon in our opinion.

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