best neo geo games for non fighting fans

The Best Neo Geo Games to Play for Non-Fighting Fans


overtop neo geo

The Neo Geo is not really known for driving games and prior to this you had Riding Hero and Thrash Rally to play and that was about it.

Thankfully Visco Games gave us this late entry and was a good fit for the hardware although it only came out on the MVS arcade system and Neo Geo CD.

OverTop takes placed on timed stages and you drive your car as quickly as possible to beat the clock to each checkpoint.

It plays like Tecmo’s Mille Miglia 1000 which was popular in the arcades at the time.

Another similar style isometric racer everyone probably played back then that’s similar is Power Drive which was on the Megadrive, SNES and PC.

Aero Fighter 2

aero fighters 2 neo geo

This vertical shoot ‘em up is so much fun to play, I remember this being my default game to throw money at back in the mid 90’s when arcades were still awesome.

It was rare to have a shooter that wasn’t set in space so you could choose to have an F-15 or Harrier Jump Jet (which was piloted by a Dolphin)

Players got to fly over places like Paris which made a change from the usual space stations.

As with all good shooters its incredibly satisfying when things were going well and fully powered up and blowing the hell out of everything.

Bust A Move

bust a move neo geo

Yes, Bust A Move the incredibly addictive bubble blasting puzzle game first came out on the Neo Geo.

You will only find in on the MVS arcade system and the Neo Geo CD unless you get an MVS conversion.

One of Taito’s finest moments is this series and apart from Puzzled which was a Tetris clone was one of the few puzzle games to grace the Neo Geo’s hardware.

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