best neo geo games for non fighting fans

The Best Neo Geo Games to Play for Non-Fighting Fans

Baseball Stars 2

People either love or don’t care much for Baseball games but this one is worth your time.

Baseball Stars 2 is slick and is a massive improvement from the previous Baseball Stars that came out during the Neo Geo’s launch back in 1990.

The 1992 sequel has more commentary, looks stunning and is a so much fun to play.

Looking for a more futuristic version of Baseball?

Super Baseball 2020 is for you, but Baseball Stars 2 is the best Baseball game on the Neo Geo overall.

Mutation Nation

mutation nation neo geo

Side scrolling beat ‘em ups were all the rage thanks to titles like Final Fight and Streets of Rage.

The Neo Geo was home to a few more and our favourite happens to be Mutation Nation which came out way back in 1992.

Set in the 21st Century (or 20XX as the flashy intro states) players take on a mad scientist and his hordes of mutants across some pretty slick backdrops.

From run down cities to high tech beach fronts it looks great and plays great too.

If you’re a fan of the genre then you can’t go wrong with this game and its not that hard to beat which for a Neo Geo game is nice to see.

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