best neo geo games for non fighting fans

The Best Neo Geo Games to Play That Aren’t Fighting Games

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Sengoku 2

sengoku 2 neo geo

This side scrolling beat ‘em up takes you through time itself and was a sight to behold back in 1992 when it first came out and was a major improvement graphically and sonically from the Sengoku which came out a year earlier.

If you like the inclusion of swords and magic in your side scrollers you can’t go wrong with this, oh and also dragons, great big giant roaring dragons.

Awesome stuff indeed!


viewpoint neo geo

Released by Sammy in 1992, Viewpoint is also famous for being the most expensive Neo Geo game released at the time, coming in at £220 but it was clear to see why.

Viewpoint is a hugely challenging isometric shoot ‘em up that takes it cue form Sega’s Zaxxon released a decade earlier.

It has pre-rendered graphics which made it look even more exotic and came with a great Techno and Rave soundtrack.


As with most Neo Geo games don’t just expect a challenge, expect to pull great clumps of hair out as this is insanely hard to complete

It’s worth persevering with for the amazing end of level bosses.

A scaled down version is also available for the Megadrive and an updated version came out for the PS1

However, it’s the original AES version that is the one to get.

Buyers will need to have pockets deep today to grab this rare gem.

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