metal slug 3 neo geo arcade stick pro

More Games Come To The Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro

Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro owners can now download and add on two more classic Neo Geo games.

The two new additions bring the total amount of games included with the Arcade Stick Pro to 30 games which is around a fifth of the total amount of games that came out officially on the arcade system during its 14 year life.

What Are The New Games?

Well, for those that love their run and gun games you’ll be pleased to hear that Metal Slug X which was a huge improvement on Metal Slug 2 and added some of the most bonkers bosses ever seen is now available as well as the first football game to come out called Super Sidekicks which was a stunner back in 1992 when it first came out.

Super Sidekicks is no FIFA or Pro Evo, however, it’s a fun 90’s take on the beautiful game and whats more back in ’92 it would have set you back around £200 and today its yours for free.

If you own the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro and want to grab the new games then head on over to SNK’s website now and get them.

What Classic Neo Geo games would you like to see next on the system? Let us know in the comments below.

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