silent hill spooky videogames

10 Spooky Videogames To Get Your Adrenalin Going

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Dungeon Keeper 2 (1999)

Not all games have to be hack and slash adventures and if you prefer something a little more sedate then Dungeon Keeper 2 is for you.

Dungeon Keeper 2 is a dungeon building strategy game in which you take control of dungeons to assist the Horned Reaper.

The Horned Reaper needs to collect a series of Portal gems to allow the underworld to return to the kingdom of Harmonia.

While managing your dungeons you get to torture its inhabitants in a variety of comically sadistic ways.

If you loved games like Sim City but wanted to explore your dark side then this was the game you needed in your life.

Silent Hill (1999)

silent hill spooky videogames

Silent Hill is an obvious choice on our list of spooky videogames but it deserves its place here as it remains one of the scariest games ever to be released.

You play as Harry Mason who was en route to the town for a vacation with his daughter Cheryl.

They crash before they get there and Harry wakes up in an abandoned town with a weird fog and snow falling from the sky.

It soon becomes apparent that there are things moving in the fog and things start going badly wrong from then on.

Silent Hill tore up the rule book when it came out and became legendary for its relentless horror and twisted demonic creatures.

We all had nightmares after playing it, of Pyramid Head coming after us, surrounded by his twisted nurses.

So that concludes our picks of great games to play this Halloween.

There are of course plenty more great horror and spooky videogames so which are your favourites?

Why not let us know in the comments and join in the discussions.

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