streets of rage 2 movie created with ai

Streets of Rage 2: The Movie Stills Created With AI

If you’ve ever wondered what a Streets of Rage 2 movie would look like if it was made in the 80s then finally your curiosity has been answered.

YouTube channel Astralis has created some stills of the main characters and the famous enemies that Axel, Blaze, Skate and Max had to deal with in the epic Megadrive/Genesis classic Streets of Rage 2 with the help of the powerful MidJourney AI.

At first when we saw it we were blown away with how realistic this looks and well…see for yourself.

As you can see all the characters look pretty lifelike and apart from a few ‘uncanny valley’ moments it would definitely be a movie we’d want to watch and it must have taken some seriously good prompts to the AI to get these results.

With the speed in which AI is developing maybe in a couple of years this will actually be a movie completely created in AI. Stranger things have happened so if it does, you may from that moment on call us the ‘Oracle’.

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