The Epic 16-Bit Side Scrolling Beat ‘Em Ups You Need To Play Again

Comix Zone (Megadrive/Genesis)

comix zone megadrive

Comix Zone came out in 1995 so quite late in the Megadrive’s life but its a unique and stunning game that you may have missed as you were probably playing on your shiny new Playstation or Saturn.

You are character in a comic and instead of scrolling along like you’ve come to expect in beat ’em ups you enter different comic frames and have a fight with the enemies in there.

Comix Zone is a tough game but if you are looking for something different and unique to play then this could be the one for you.

Robo Army (Neo Geo)

Robo Army Neo Geo AES

Hang on, another Neo Geo game? Weren’t they full of one on one beat em ups? Yes they did have a lot of these but in the early years the mighty Neo Geo had quite a bit of variety.

Robo Army is another side scroller that is great fun to play.

You are a cyborg that has to defeat a mad scientist and his army of robot clones and boy is it a sight to behold.

Special mention has to be for the fantastic sound effects, in particular the clunk of hitting robots with a metal pole is heaven to the ears.

Luckily the Nintendo Switch has your back as its available on here. Want it on the Neo Geo AES? You’ll get small change from £300 now.

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