The Epic 16-Bit Side Scrolling Beat ‘Em Ups You Need To Play Again

Rival Turf/Rushing Beat (SNES)

rival turf rushing beat snes

Rival Turf from Jaleco is a bright and fun side scrolling beat ’em up from Jaleco.

It’s your standard Final Fight style of beat’em up and has your character fighting his way through the brightly drawn city.

It also had two sequels that are worth checking out too.

Mutation Nation (Neo Geo)

mutation nation neo geo

Mutation Nation is not the longest game in the world but it sure looks pretty.

The game is set at some point in the 21st Century and you have to fight your way through hordes of mutated creatures.

Luckily you have some awesome moves at your disposal and you’ll need them as it can get quite tough in places.

Expect to pay over £300 for this now on the Neo Geo or just pick it up on the Switch for under six quid.

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