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10 Fantastic Video Games That Came Out In 1990

Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi

shadow dancer mega drive 1990

Joe Musashi returns with Shadow Dancer where he takes on the evil Neo Zeed once more but this time he brings his trusty dog to aid him on his ninja quest.

The game looked great and was a great arcade conversion that played to the Mega Drive’s strengths.


Another Super Famicom launch title, F-Zero still looks and plays great today but can you remember first seeing it back in 1990?

It was like the future had literally arrived.

Thankfully it was more than just a tech demo to show off the new Mode 7 graphical finery that left Mega Drive owners crying in to their cartridge slots with jealously.

F-Zero had tons of tracks, huge speed and a rocking soundtrack it helped shift a lot of gamers over to Nintendo’s epic console.

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