antheads amiga classic 1990

10 Fantastic Video Games That Came Out In 1990

Antheads: It Came From The Desert 2

Returning to Lizard Breath was epic in 1990 as the sequel to the hit B-Movie inspired It Came From The Desert arrived on the Amiga.

The clever thing is about this game is that it came out as an update disk meaning it cost less than a new game but you needed the original to be able to play it.

Could this have been one of the first expansion packs ever? Probably and it’s well worth having.


hellfire megadrive shmup

The Mega Drive was home to many a fine Shoot ‘Em Up and Hellfire is no exception.

The stunning looking shooter landed on Sega’s 16-Bit console and whilst its fiendishly difficult it still didn’t stop gamers lapping it up.

Great graphics, epic music and cool multi direction shooting mechanics means it makes it on this list and still shocks us that its now 30 years old.

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