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10 Fantastic Video Games That Came Out In 1990

1990, it doesn’t sound that far in the past and for many of us feels like yesterday, however it’s not, it’s 30 years which seems a tad bonkers.

1990 Videogames That Are Still Epic

Gaming was at a crossroads in 1990 with 8-Bit machines still ruling the roost although it was the beginning of the end for them as the 16 Bit juggernauts had either arrived or were on their way to these shores.

Now, many of the games that came out in 1990 have been relegated to the bin of the forgotten, but there are some games which even though they are 30 years old are still as brilliant as they were when they came out three decades ago.

Which games though?

Well, Retroheadz takes you on a trip down memory lane and reminds you of the great games that came out in 1990 that are still worthy of your time today.

The Secret of Monkey Island

the secret of monkey island amiga 1990

The epic point and click adventure from LucasArts hit the Amiga and became a must have game.

It looked stunning, has great puzzles to solve, has humour throughout and is just a great game overall.

Super Mario World

super mario world snes 1990

The best 2D platformer ever came out in 1990.

The return of Nintendo’s iconic character Mario for his 16-Bit debut was amazing.

It’s bright, colourful and fiendishly good fun throughout.

Add an amazingly toe tapping and humming for days soundtrack and a huge amount of levels.

You can see why the hype for the Super Famicom was off the chart and set the bar for the competition for many years to come.

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