asap plz

Miss The Office? New Mega Drive Game ASAP PLZ Will Get You Back To Work

Lockdown and furlough off work during the Covid-19 Pandemic has meant that many office workers have missed out on the banter and camaraderie associated with going to work.

If you’re missing this aspect of your life and can’t wait to get stuck in traffic for hours and the general water cooler chats then fear not a new Mega Drive game has just come that’s chock full of mini office based games to remind you of what your missing.

The game is called ASAP PLZ and comes from UK based company YRS Truly and Good Praxis and tasks players with typical office related things such as connect the monitor cable to the back of the computer and press accept cookies on the 16-Bit web browser.

Two Ways To Play

There are two ways to play ASAP PLZ, the first is on the games website where you can play it in-browser and for Mega Drive owners you can download the ROM and play it via an Retroarch or OpenEMU. It might also work on an Everdrive if you want to play it on original hardware although this is not confirmed on their website.

Whilst simple, its a fun distraction and if you play it in the office and get busted by the boss maybe you can blag it as a training aid or maybe don’t.

Naturally, ASAP PLZ is in no way endorsed by Sega but if you’re looking for something quick to play or need a refresher on office life then give it a go.

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