7 Rave And Club Venues in The UK That We All Miss

Hacienda – Manchester


The original House club in the UK The Hacienda started out life as a venue for bands during the 1980’s quickly immersing itself in the burgeoning House sounds from Chicago thanks to resident bands New Order and The Happy Mondays.

Before long Hacienda was at the forefront of the UK dance music scene with its resident DJ’s Graham Park, Mike Pickering, Jon DaSilva and Laurent Garnier all pushing the sound forward.

The club embodied the scene with its stark industrial image and hedonistic reputation.

The club finally succumbed to its own success as organised crime took over and the feel-good vibes were replaced by gangland shootings and invasive drug dealings, this and a few other business factors lead to its demise in 1997.

Hacienda’s name still lives on though as the apartments built on top of the old site carry the name.

Think we’ve missed any? Let us know in the comments and share your memories of these legendary dance and rave venues.

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