7 Rave And Club Venues in The UK That We All Miss

Sterns / Mansion House – Worthing


If you wanted to witness the true hedonistic nights of the early rave scene then Sterns just outside Worthing in West Sussex was where to find it.

Set in the Sussex countryside in an old manor house Sterns was legendary for its all night, anything goes nights. Like many nights back then it wasn’t unheard of for its biggest promoter In-Ter-Dance to have a house Dj like Evil Eddie Richards followed by Hardcore Techno by Lenny Dee followed by a Jungle DJ like Mickey Finn.

It was this eclectic mix of genre’s coupled with the novelty of raving in a manor house that keeps Sterns in the memories of those that visited it.

The venue came to an end in 1997 although it was re-opened again as The Mansion House. Unfortunately, it would never reach the same heights as its predecessor and is now a tea room.

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