happy hardcore 1995

The Best Happy Hardcore Anthems From 1995


1995 was peak Happy Hardcore for many ravers and was the final year before the big kick drums that were doing the rounds in Scotland with Bouncy Techno and The Dutch Gabber influence started to become more prominent.

It was the final year where breakbeats were really prominent in the tracks instead of being relegated behind the kick drum and what a year it was.

Retroheadz invites you to take a journey back to that sweet, sweet year of Hardcore history where the sun was always shining even if it was raining when you heard these tracks and likely will do again today for you.

This is our youth and the future was bright with these anthems playing a big part in our lives so…Play ’em loud and play ’em proud and share this out to your raver mates.

Midas – Groove Control

Midas is Vinylgroover an utter legend in the hardcore scene we’re sure you’ll all agree and it’s probably Groove Control that made you a huge fan of the pioneering DJ and Producer. From the dark start to that awesome piano breakdown this track takes you on a fully fledged journey in to hardcore heaven!

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