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The Iconic British Cars of the 80’s Most Families Had

Vauxhall Cavalier


The family saloon car market was pretty much taken by Vauxhall and Ford in the 80’s.

There were loads these about in the 80’s but not many left nowadays which leads to our final car and its main rival….

Ford Sierra


The Cortina replacement came out in 1983 and took the market by storm.

The car was curvy and was the fleet car and therefore the family car of choice for many people.

If you were one of the rare kids whose parents had an RS Cosworth version that didn’t end up being stolen and used for ram raiding the local Dixons then you were automatically the coolest kid in school.

Feeling Nostalgic?

Which classic family cars of the 80’s did your family have? Was it on this list? If not what did you have? Share your memories of the cars your family had in the comments below.

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